Kalòs ìrtato

Sogeste ti e tikhi, e àrguli, o khoma, e ajera ma e’ pistèone sta aftìa to: doppu akatò ce akatò khronu pu ìne kumena panta griko, panta griko, oli mia forà us enghizi na kùsune mian glossa pu e’ novune.

Sogeste pu os fènete pu o khoma to egomosti fse gheno fseno. Fseni pu esìrano i guerra ce eguàlane us griku attà spìtia to.

Ce iu ssadìa ssadìa o griko lefteni, khanni ta loja, khanni o gheno pu to milì, epai apode.

Sogeste ti o griko e’ sozi ghiurisi na milistì sakundu mia forà. Sogeste ti o griko e’ na pesani ma en ene prama na pesani iu.

Etèlamo o griko na min svistì, na kulusisi na zisi tosso cerò ankora, na èrkato milimmeno ankora.

Tèlome na kàmome mia associaziùna fse gheno pu agapà o griko, fse gheno pu teli na milisi grika, fse gheno pu, m’olo ka en ennorizi o griko, teli na enkosì na mi khasì e glossa.
Ja tuo, occe min afidìa tu web, etèlamo ti tuttin idea na stasi epukanè, kùkkia ce larga.

Tèlome na pakhìnome o griko ma ta loja allimonimmema ce ma loja cinùria pu vastune i rizza es ta loja grika ce stes addhe glosse.

Tèlome na kuntèfsome apà sto web ta nea pu ghennnìutte es ta khorìa ma.

Sianònnome ce registrèome ti’ fonì cinò pu milune grika na tin vàlome apà sto internet

Sòzamo pi afidìsetè mma na pàrome ambrò tuttin idèa, ma e afidìa e’ kanì. E afidìa ene ja mia forà, ja dìo, mia forà ankora, ma depòi ekhànnete. Ja tutto prama e afidìa e’ kanì, e’ felà, ja tutto prama endiàzete agapi.

O griko rotà agapi.


It could be that the walls, the trees, the earth, the very sky would not believe their own ears after hundreds and hundreds of years during which they only used to listen to Griko, as they suddenly now have to listen to a language they just do not understand.

Probably to them it is as though their land has been invaded by an alien people. Foreigners who have won the war and have expelled the Griki from their homes.

Thus, little by little Griko gets thinner and thinner, loses its words and the people, who speak it, go away.

It is likely that Griko cannot go back to being talked as it used to be talked. It may be that Griko dies but we do not want it to die in this way.

We would like Griko not to fade away, we want it to live on for a long time to come, we want it to be spoken again.

We would like to set up an association of people who love griko, that are willing to talk it, and those who, even if they cannot speak Griko, wish to commit themselves so that this language is not lost.
For this reason, even with the help of the web, we want this idea to come up everywhere near and far.

We want to enrich Griko with forgotten words and add new ones that have their root in Griko words and in other languages​​.

We want to report (in Griko) news on the web from our towns.

We collect and store the voices of those who speak Griko, in order to spread them on the internet.

We might ask you to help us in carrying out this idea, but help is not enough. The aid may be granted for one time, for two, even one more time, but then it finally runs out. For what we mean to do, simple help is not enough.
To do all this we need love.

Griko needs love.

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